I'm building a new startup (have had success before) and love it, but we are a remote team so I can work from anywhere. The problem is that my routine is fairly robotic and a bit boring. I can work from/live anywhere in the world, etc. Just after some advice/suggestions to make things more fun/interesting?

I worked for many years in a cubicle environment and the same old routines. What I've found is that it's not necessarily how you spend your time each day, but - who you spend your time with - each day that can make all the difference in boredom or trying to feel fulfilled each day. Try thinking about people in your life that care about you the most. Why do they make you feel this way? If you can focus on those people and discover new ones that make you happy, routines tend to change on their own. I've tried so many different hobbies and daily routines over the years and found that life is about building strong relationships with people and sharing experiences with them and less about figuring how to be less bored.

Answered 4 years ago

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