We recently did a beta launch of Incorporations.IO which is an international incorporation comparison matrix. The tool aims to objectively answer this question: "What is the best country to incorporate a company" based on user input and criteria that is customizable.

The reason this question is (almost) impossible to answer is that for each individual situation, the best place to incorporate may change, and is highly subjective.

If you want to raise money in Silicon valley, then a Delaware C-corp is the preferred entity of choice. But not every business has this as a goal. For instance, what if you are a digital nomad that wants to legally minimize taxes on profits - or you want as little paper work as possible (using our tool, you can see how long it is estimated to complete filings on a yearly basis). What if you are starting a bitcoin company, what is the most favorable environment for that?

Another aspect of incorporation that is important is tax treaties. If you are trading internationally, oftentimes this is a very important consideration to benefit from certain exemptions, or avoid other headaches, such as with-holding tax, for starters. We have an entire aspect of the application making it transparent and easy to see if the country you select has a tax treaty (either DTC or TIEA).

Try out our tool - it's free to try (you don't even need to put in your email) and we'd love to hear your feedback.

Answered 6 years ago

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