I'm currently working for a small company that is almost like a startup (25 people and 2 small dev teams) We have a desktop and a hardware product that are successful. We are growing, and I am looking to implement a data-driven culture. I work both in Marketing and UX and I'm thinking about implementing some analytic tools and KPIs, however, we don't have much time so I would like to keep it simple. Right now we are running Hotjar for our website which is much simpler and faster to use than G.A. for marketing. The engineers are trying to capture data for the desktop and hardware product but we don't have KPIs, BI or dashboards. Is there any cheap platform that I can connect all these things together? Another thing is employee satisfaction, I worked for another company that used Tiny Pulse which I think was a pretty smart decision, because it was simple and captured stress, motivation and happiness. The company still had problems with retention (so I guess the Tinypulse KPIs were not that good). Engineering, dev and time are not a problem for us, so we can code these things, but cash flow is still a problem because of the investment we did on our product that is finally selling well (we are not backed by VC). We are looking for something that is not crazy expensive to pay on a monthly basis, because we are also looking into getting a marketing automation software. I might be asking too much, but it would be awesome to have some automated A.I. helping to push these reports because otherwise It will be too much time for me to manage these things.

Couple things.before we get into details.
1) I am not sure what you meant by A.I and G.A
2) The retention issue with your friend's company is not a TinyPulse issue. The questionnaire and derived KPI were not designed or derived .

I must put my Business Intelligence and Data Integration hat on !!

HR, Marketing and Sales - We are discussing the analytics for 3 distinct coporate function here using TinyPulse , G.A for marketing and HotJar.

It makes sense that the CEO (or CXO) should have a single view dashboard

For integration , all we need to access to data. HOTJAR Roadmap ( show that they will have API access in future phases.

TinyPulse do not have API access but if there is a way to get the data (as export) this could work,

Use a cloud based Microsoft Power BI or Qlik (Cheap or almost free) and you can build pretty powerful online dasboards joining different data sources.

The 3 sources that you have mentions - Marketing (website UX and usage), HR and Sales are so independent to each other that I do not see any possibilities to mix and match data for information discovery. But yes, you can get a single view .

Just a tip - Next time when you choose a platform or product for your company, see how mature their API and integration is .

"SaaS without API endpoints is Car without a dashboard "
Feel free to call me if you need help building something. I believe you already have an awesome team.. Kudos !!!


Answered 5 years ago

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