We are chasing for a dramatic increase in traction and registration yet we are still waiting for a market break through. We are an online ecommerce platform where people can sell their digital, physical and services and embed to their site or share it to their social media.

Waiting for a market break through?! No one will buy what you're selling if they'll need it in the future. If the market isn't ready for your concept you're not going to get much traction plain and simple.

If it's just no one knows about your company then that's a different story and I'd say PR and third party endorsements (no one wants to be the first to try)

If you've tried that and no one is biting you would be better to go back to the drawing board and find a product/market fit.

Rule of thumb: if you have a good product that people actually need, and then, you'll see the dramatic increase in traction.

Answered 7 years ago

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