We've got a lot of 'Why' to cover - a dual network, need to cover different cohorts / geographic considerations / applications of what we do. We've tried to edit it further, but feel like we're just losing key messages. We have a product that needs to be highly engaging for (generally older) consumers as there is a lot to consider / at stake when they commit to it (and probably an entirely new concept, so needs to get across the why - and the what) - it also generally attracts an older demographic who need more reassurance. By reducing it also means difficult to give a 'global' feel which is important too. Can this 'work'? I used to be in the screenwriting business pre-start-up. These rules were fairly tight, but with justification could be extended. Any thoughts very much appreciated. Thanks! PS - we've produced 4 short films... A homepage why / some what =2.50 mins A video for each side of the selected network that gives more detail still and is approx 3.45 An about us video - again, quite long, but users want to know more about us as it's quite a 'product you'd appreciate knowing more about who's behind it' - approx 3.45 mins. (Happy to possibly send if helpful). Hope you can help! Thanks!!!

A 2 minute explainer video is like being chained to a wheel of injustice.

Seriously :) when did you manage to get through a 2 minute video without leaving or skipping?

1min to 1.5mins TOPS. Break the other deeper aspects into short form video explanations or separate the feature set out as a separate video.

Homepage video:

1. Help the viewer identify with the problem
2. Ask leading questions (creates a curious mindset
3. Tell them about the solution quickly and the differentiator (now Bob can travel fro x>y 1.5 times faster and cheaper than any competitor whilst Joe, Shmo and Clet get to be drivers without a $1m medallion).
4. Summarize
5. CTA

The rest you can explain in deeper pages with feature-set explainer videos(even shorter! Bite size chunks that make you want to watch more... Like eating some small tasty M&Ms)

Answered 6 years ago

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