Hello I am looking to raise capital towards buying a business. What would be a platform for that purpose that would be helpful?


Without having further details, I have always been a fan of bootstrapping- that is using your own funds and capital to start the business. If your objection to this may be that you don't have access to the kind of funding that is required through your personal savings but bootstrapping can be done through customer validation (pre-sales), business optimization (existing products) and personal capacity building (earn/save more). I hope this is helpful!

Answered 5 years ago

These platforms may be of interest to you...

You can also apply for a small business loan (depending on your business).

Lastly, I'd recommend that you don't do any of these things right now.
Try reading these from Brian York (CEO @ Bliss and investor at Bassin Ventures) instead...

Answered 5 years ago

I need to understand more about your business to recommend you. Feel free to setup a call.

Answered 2 years ago

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