Looking to learn about targeting ads with a list of web-scrapped email addresses. What are my options?

Looking to learn about how to target individual people with relevant ads based upon email addresses. I have a list of email addresses of roughly 1000 people from a specific list of companies in the US. I curated the list through scraping public websites (ie they did not opt into anything). It looks like I could target them with Google Customer Match or Facebooks tool. However, not sure if it violates terms since they didnt opt into anything. I also see that I might be able to target to specific people using tools like LiveIntent, LiveRamp, or Datalogix. Looking to chat with someone to see how I could use these tools, and what the execution looks pay per email address or if I need to sign up with a platform.


It does violate the TOS for most social sites and PPC advertisers.

Additionally, you're not doing your end customers any favors because you are selling them access to crap contacts who are not necessarily interested in their product.

Don't do it. Build your own targeted list of 1000 legitimately.


Answered 8 years ago

scrapped emails are waste of time and n solicited emails/Spamming is illegal , plus it doesn't convert well .. Better try collecting leads using ethical methods ..

Answered 8 years ago

Facebook direct targeting and lookalike audiences are a good option to start. This wouldn't be violating terms. Google is launching a look alike audience tool soon.

Depending on your product, you may want to build an automated direct marketing approach with a tool such as This approach would be your least expensive and most cost effective. I've done this at scale myself. It's incredibly effective.

I'd be happy to chat to help you get going.

Answered 8 years ago

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