My product is a doctor recommended product... therefore i'd like to reach out to doctors within close proximity to where the drug stores where my products are sold... I can supply doctors offices with samples, literature and coupons. However, I need to be able to plug in a store address, (or preferably MULTIPLE store addresses) and find out what the doctors offices that are very close to the stores.

I'd start by mapping out all the options and seeing what they cost you in time and money (eg: are you techical enough to code this up in your sleep, or is it easier for you to pay someone).
1) like Shaun said. map it using or
2) getting a quote on for a human to do it for one city first to see the ROI.
3) plug in a street address of a store into yelp as 'near' field and type in opthamologist.

After testing each one for one city, you can decide if you want to automate it or just scale the option up.

Feel free to schedule a call with me.

Answered 5 years ago

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