I've started a blog about the post-secondary education system ( and have no real readership yet (single digits). What are the first real steps in gaining traction?

I definitely agree with Shanelle's thoughts, but I'd also ask you what kind of content you are producing. In my years of blogging and running websites, the following types of posts have helped me gain initial traction:

- Interviews with influential people
- Responding to blog posts written by others
- Top 10 lists (egobait)

These aren't long-term sustainable usually (because you want to share your own thoughts and blog post ideas), but they can definitely help with initial traction.

Also, identify people who send out email lists. Email them personally to let them know about your content, and ask if you can be included in their next email. Boom, traffic.

I'd love to help you out more if you want!

Answered 8 years ago

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