Once I've started a business, what's the one/best thing I should do to land my first client?

I love the answers so far. I'll add my two cents. I've been a life and relationship coach, author and businesswoman for over a decade. When I first got my certification, I created my website, got my business cards printed, wrote my first article to drive traffic to my site and waited. I was hopeful as I waited for what I just knew would happen. Someone would see how wonderful I was and would seek me out to provide them services. That didn't happen.

Without knowing what your business is about, it is hard to give you the specialized answer that it may require, but I learned a thing or two from my initial experience. And since, I've learned a thing or two about getting clients.

Here are a couple:

When I wrote my first book, I had a launch. Product launches are great! They build excitement and create a great atmosphere that encourages buying. There are so many strategies that can turn that into a profitable event.

When it came to coaching, I took another route. I actually coached my first client pro bono. Some folks might tell you to not do that; but if you have done your homework and have a strategy in place, it can be quite beneficial. With a strategy, I was able to turn my first pro bono coaching client into a paying client. Some of the others have hit the nail on the head. When a person is convinced that you are what they have been looking for and you give them an irresistible offer, there is nothing more than for them to buy.

I'd love to assist you in coming up with a strategy that works for your business and explore other ways that I can be of assistance. Email me at and let's get you that first client!

Answered 5 years ago

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