An online auction that will connect people together, a community for competitive bidding? Any suggestions?

If you're prepared to hire a professional, then I'd be happy to help locate or create a brand name for your service.

However, it seems presumptuous to pick a title for a book I have neither written nor read. Since I don't know your project or your audience, should I really be urging you to live with some brand identity for the next decade – a name I'd just be pulling out of thin air during 20 seconds of thought?

I take naming seriously. Seriously enough to want to familiarize myself with the project being named. That should be the bare minimum, right?

Brainstorming, research, consultation, and procurement usually span at least a couple of weeks. Here at, I find that phone calls are too short for such a task.

But a call can be useful. I find 15 minutes is usually enough time to offer feedback on a caller's own name ideas, suggest new directions for brainstorming, give advice on purchasing the domain, etc. If I can help, let me know.

Answered 7 years ago

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