I have a social enterprise that empowers women and run a coaching practice to pay my bills. I currently reach a network of 25000 (15000 on social media). In order to increase my reach I could increase my online chat show to weekly publishing, but need funding to manage professional quality good enough for commercial radio. Weekly shows will get me into an even bigger platform extending my market to 80000 more women on yet another social enterprise business. PS - estimate a 12% success rate with kickstarter based on my social media platform to raise 35 000. I need $32000 for a years production at professional levels. need to know who to approach internationally with a similar ethos, who seeks exclusive sponsorship, has a customer centric approach with the intention to create a positive attitude in the midst of my target audience 45 year old women entrepreneurs in Africa

It beats me that you want to stick with Podcasts - not that it is wrong - but why not expand into other media? Could be because of my background, but why not take up teaching? Get onto free to use Google Hangouts to run webcasts instead of your podcasts if that works for you. No need of big investments, huge reach on YouTube for your recorded sessions drive more users to signup for your Live webinars, that you could charge for. You could even increase your consulting revenue owing to the success of your recorded webinars.

There are many other ways to monetize your recorded sessions, so don't look at funding as your roadblock.

Answered 5 years ago

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