I have a great app idea, but I have zero experience in this field. I need an expert to guide me through the steps of raising funds, developing the app, etc., and possibly provide extra services such as creating a business plan. Please message me if you think you could help. Thank you

If you have a great idea you should first check if someone else have already done it. If you are sure that it's unique or you can do better then start validating idea amongs your circle and get feedback. Honestly raising fund shouldn't be on your list at this point. First get something quick and dirty out their and see how you target audience react to it. For starters you should read little about Lean Startup methodology. Now a days you can get your app concept to reality with $500 - $1000 if you executive it smartly by outsourcing.

Go ahead reach out to me and you can schedule a free 30 min call and I can give you some advice you can get your first prototype from start to finish.

Answered 5 years ago

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