Speakers, authors and coaches need what you have to offer. They all want to be seen as experts so you need to tell them how your product will do that for them. It's called building a platform and any speaker, author or coach will understand that language.

There are two things to consider when positioning yourself in front of this group. Speakers and authors will respond to marketing practices that use the language "become an expert" or "stand out in your field". Coaches will respond to "help more people with your expertise" or "coach more people to success with _____ (their area)".

Get in front of these groups yourself so they know you're a real company. Align yourself with an author or speaker or coach that has credibility in the market you'd like to penetrate and and approach them to endorse your product. (After they've been given a demo, of course).

These are a few things that come to mind immediately. If you'd like further information, email me at or give me a call.

Most of all, keep going...this group needs what you have to offer.

P.S. I just thought of one more thing. Large platforms like Udemy discount courses regularly and many experts in your category get really frustrated by the perceived devaluation of their material. Something to consider.

Answered 5 years ago

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