We have a site we have bootstrapped, we have users, we have generated transactions, but we are not mobile friendly, extremely under funded, and do not have enough developers to produce the unique functionality our users have demanded. We have generated several million dollars worth of orders among users on our site, but hired really bad developers for the rebuild which has cost us more money fixing their mistakes and refactoring the code. The code is refactored now and ideally would like to raise money to build out our mobile app, focus on monetizing transactions, and marketing. I would like to speak to someone that can help us get to the next level: I have never raised money before, but at this point it is slowing down production. My partner is a developer, I am not. He is also a teacher and his production is limited due to our lack of drawing in revenue.

First of all congratulations for the huge start and following orders.
But, I realise the team is not working full time on the project as its a start up you have to work day and night throughout on the same idea and get the issues solved. Make sure the team is dedicated towards working on Idea and initially not running behind money for at least 2 years. If the motive of joining hands is just money you all need to reconsider working and get it placed for a better motive. Money will flow in automatically.

For getting funds you have to make a project plan and submit it to various VC's around who fund a start ups. You need to understand the way in which the VC funds and accordingly do the little bit of changes and then apply.

I am sure you will find a way.

Answered 5 years ago

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