I am looking to create a "liaison" program for my Wordpress marketplace, which allows users to act as brand ambassadors and independent marketers of the different products and services being sold on our site. Here are my questions: 1. What is the best Plugin for creating a dynamic MLM style affiliate program in my Wordpress site? 2. If my site is using multiple different WooCommerce plugins (Bookings, Event Tickets, Product Bundles), can I specific the commission % for different product types and/or categories? 3. If I am using Wordpress Achievements & Reward plugin to award users with points for different social interactions on the site (posting, reviewing, commenting, purchasing, etc); how can I integrate this point flow into the affiliate MLM system? 4. Can the MLM system be integrated into a user's BuddyPress profile? 5. Can this MLM plugin award commissions to affiliate users on products sold by other users whom are using WooCommerce Product Vendor Plugin? 6. Can this MLM plugin award commissions to affiliate users on event tickets sold by the Event Calendar Community Tickets plugin? (Tickets for events which are created and sold by other users). I appreciate any insight into this general topic. Thanks much!

I'm going to agree with Taylor on this, that your question includes many incredibly specific questions that most people won't have experience with.

That said, I also agree that AffiliateWP ( is your best option for offering multi-level affiliate commissions as well as different commissions on varying products, all within each user's WordPress profile.

As long as you sell your products through one of the many services they integrate with (, you will be able to accurately track all the data you need and automate affiliate payments at many different levels.

Answered 5 years ago

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