Including title, description, and keywords. What other onpage activity should one consider for making the site SEO friendly? How do I find which keywords of my website has some ranking in search engine?

Here are some quick and easy tips:

1) To make it easier for bots to crawl your site, link to important pages within your site with simple HTML URLs (not through javascript).

2) Add Alt tags to all your images

3) To choose keywords, search google with each keyword to see how many results come up for each. Then use google trends ( to see how popular each of those keywords is. If two keywords have similar popularity, but one has much less competition (i.e. less results in google), then that keyword is preferable.

After all that, explicitly ask google to crawl your site by using 'google webmaster tools' (

Here's a nice guide for further info: and you can use this site to do quick audits of your site as you continue to work on it:

As you move forward, if any issues come up feel free to send me a message,



Answered 4 years ago

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