I want to build a simple idea for a "household cleaning system," but I am not sure how to build a prototype or a video for Indiegogo,

1) Designing Your Invention (CAD Software):

A) If you just want a shell of your invention, then learn to use Rhino3D, or some other 3D design software.

B) If you want to have the entire mechanical internals of your invention be a part of your prototype, then use something like Solidworks which has a physics engine to be able to simulate actual mechanical functions.

2) Showing your invention (3D Rendering or 3D Print)

A) After designing your invention in the CAD software you can now make very realistic looking 3D renderings of it (if done right it can be made to look like a photograph of a real thing). You could use these renderings in an indiegogo campaign or demo video or pitch deck.

B) You could also print your design as a physical 'thing' that you could actually place into investors hands. To do this you could buy your own 3D printer, or use a company like Shapeways which will print it for you in your material of choice.

Alternatively, you can collaborate with a freelancer do help you with those steps.

If you'd like more specific advice tailored to your unique invention, or if you have other questions about the early startup process let me know,


Answered 4 years ago

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