I am really passionate about startups, tech, design and the web, however, my skill is that of an accountant. I have really tried to get into the startup environment for a long time, and have actually built a marketplace through an outsourced Indian team which failed quite miserably back in 2011. Is there anyone from the UK who can help me get onto the startup ladder, be it as an employee, or as a co-founder, would really appreciate your help as its kind of a desperate situation being unemployed after losing a job in the accounting market. This may be the right opportunity to get in and get my hands dirty. I am based in the UK, and would ideally want someone to advice me and help me here, but if anyone thinks they can help me remotely I would really be grateful. I live in the East Midlands, particularly in a city called Leicester, and the startup scene here isn't as mature as it is in London.

I would check out Working Not Working, Upwork and contract opportunities on

Answered 5 years ago

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