The answer really depends on what your client prefers, whether that's replying to a survey, posting on social media or chatting live on your site.

If you have a product you want their feedback on, try the Likert scale. The Likert Scale is best used to measure and evaluate customer sentiment on a specific product, service or experience.

Likert items that center around the same topic should be grouped together in your survey, creating what’s called a “single-topic” Likert scale.

The scale itself, regardless of whether it uses numeric or text labels, should be consistent on each item; this prevents confusion for your customers and simplifies the analysis of their answers for you.

The most valuable Likert item sets include additional questions that capture open-ended feedback to tell you more about why each customer chose the answer they did.

Here's how to use this scale to collect customer feedback:

Answered 4 years ago

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