I'm interested in a career in marketing and would like to focus on one area first, so I'm going through a good book on Facebook Advertising. In order to practice I need money to buy ads and a product to promote, and keep doing it so I can hone my skills. How do I find a client who will let me do their Facebook marketing when I'm a beginner and learning on their dime? And what is a professional way to say "I'm just starting out" to set realistic expectations? Or how can I find an experienced Marketing Consultant(s) who will teach me how to do it so I can learn on real world clients under their supervision? I would do their work for free as an intern so I can learn. I'm only interested in focusing on Facebook ads for now. I don't want to get involved in Adwords, Twitter ads, Pinterest ads yet etc, I want to focus on FB until I can master it. Thanks for any response.

Scott shared some great tips that I completely agree with!

From my personal experience, starting out as a Facebook advertising freelancer was tough, especially at the beginning. However, I already had a few assets that really helped me out.

First, I invested a ton of time into learning as much as I can about social media and Facebook marketing and advertising. That allowed me to get a two-months long unpaid internship at a social media agency, where I learned more about Facebook marketing and advertising with real clients.

Then, I was able to get a 1-year-long traineeship at a travel agency, where I learned even more about online marketing and received much more experience managing Facebook ad campaigns.

During that time, I also started a personal blog where I began writing about social media, marketing, and especially Facebook advertising. I'd say this was the most crucial one into advancing my career.

I suggest you to google an article called "8 Steps to Getting What You Want… Without Formal Credentials" on Tim Ferriss blog - it's absolutely brilliant and I used it to guide my own effort.

In short, you really must earn someone's trust before you ask something. You can do that by creating useful and valuable content first and using that as a proof that you know the subject. You can then take it and show it to a potential customer and suggest to implement everything for free, but for a testimonial and case study.

If it goes successful, do it with another person, and another, and another. Find clients on Upwork or contact them directly, or ask your friends for referrals. Complete a couple projects and then start asking for money. It's a long process but it is definitely achievable.

I hope that helps!

Adomas Baltagalvis

Answered 4 years ago

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