I'm interested in a career in marketing and would like to focus on one area first, so I'm going through a good book on Facebook Advertising. In order to practice I need money to buy ads and a product to promote, and keep doing it so I can hone my skills. How do I find a client who will let me do their Facebook marketing when I'm a beginner and learning on their dime? And what is a professional way to say "I'm just starting out" to set realistic expectations? Or how can I find an experienced Marketing Consultant(s) who will teach me how to do it so I can learn on real world clients under their supervision? I would do their work for free as an intern so I can learn. I'm only interested in focusing on Facebook ads for now. I don't want to get involved in Adwords, Twitter ads, Pinterest ads yet etc, I want to focus on FB until I can master it. Thanks for any response.

Facebook is a tool that changes constantly but one that, if used correctly, can be leveraged to achieve great success and revenue. It gives you the ability to start with a low budget and build from there.

That being said, the time, effort and money (plus opportunity cost) you spend trying to figure it out will grow.

One of the resources I found to be the most valuable one if you have the time to learn and test things out was through Amy Porterfield ( Even her podcast and blog is amazing and her Facebook and Link Building courses are worth every cent.

Answered 4 years ago

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