We have just opened a coworking space and although we are getting good traffic to the website we are struggling converting paid members, both online and offline. Any tips from those who have started coworking spaces on how you signed up your first 10 or 20 members?

Hi! Hope you're doing great!
I've work and interact with several co-works, helping them, as part of them with memberships and also using their facilities to organize events, i've seen a lot of them grow and some fail.

So, i can share some strategies to have in mind :

1)Offer special discounts for the opening of the co-work for a limited time.

2)Always communicate the benefits of working in your co-work, and why they should go there.

3)Invite communities to use your facilities for meetups and similar events.

4)Go out and reach your potentials customers like business , tech students and startups.

5) You've said "we",so one of you should be focus only in business development, is the easiest and fastest way you're going to grow.

If you want some help developing more in deep these strategies i will gladly help you.


Answered 4 years ago

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