I need help with funding, market analysis, and networking in the hospitality market. Specifically smaller lodging facilities that wouldn't have full-time security/emergency personnel on staff. Also, protecting my idea from becoming another persons money maker. Having seen firsthand how un-prepared the staff is to respond to emergencies (power outage, injuries, etc.) I have a product idea that could benefit the facilities and the patrons in many ways.

The hospitality markets around the world are very different. In Oder to provide specific feedback, I would need to know more about the markets and your industry and target audience. Each industry section will require a very detailed focus. You need to build a very strong network to get your product into the hospitality industry. You need to connect with seasoned industry leaders and experts, and have their support. There are soooooo many products introduced every day and months. Many of us are clicking it away, unless we get a call from someone we know and trust. This can open the doors for you. Let me know if you would like to chat.

Answered 5 years ago

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