I'm interested in web design and development, however I'm new and not confident enough to take on clients myself. However, I know enough that I could help a Consultant-developer now who is busy and needs someone to do setup work for them to help them. There have to be consultants who are very busy and need freelance assistant help; how do I find them? I don't want to work full time for a company; I want to freelance and help out consultants a few hours here and a few hours there would be wonderful.

This may sound overly simplistic - but I'd suggest just asking a few. Assuming you want to find someone local that you can work on site with - just seek out a dozen or so and ask them. If an individual says no, ask them who else you should ask in the area.

They shouldn't be hard to find. Said differently, if they are - they probably aren't busy.

Answered 4 years ago

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