I want to build a new startup studio, so we can build many companies at the same time. What are the most important points to consider?

Team talent. You need breadth + depth.

Breadth of experience to cover all issues and eventualities. No matter what question comes up, somebody on your team ought to be an answer ... or, at the very least, know enough to find and evaluate someone else's answer.

Depth of experience is equally important. Don't listen to anybody who isn't a specialist. Plenty of smart people are over-confident outside their area of expertise. Ultimately that means listening to gossip, hunches, received opinion.

No single person is simultaneously a hammer, a screwdriver, and a saw. Get us all inside that toolbox! And make sure each tool is high quality.

When you don't have quite the right expert / tool in your kit, don't cut corners by pulling out screws with ill fitting pliers. Slow down! Borrow the right tool! can extend your team's expertise on an a la carte basis.

My own professional specialty is naming and the domain market. And I'm quite interested in collaborating with startup studios. Talk to me.

Answered 4 years ago

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