I plan to open the first dropshipping market place in a country where people download few xml lists from different suppliers. Multiple xmls requires multiple api integration for each cart sw. The market place will collect these xmls and put them in a single xml format for single api integration. This model exists in USA. Retailers are looking for new products to sell everyday, but because the xlm lists are free, everyone sells the same stuff. Instead of selling everything, the retailer should find a "unique" product or service or price, right? If you look at Amazon, Ebay etc, people keep selling the stuff with the same price. How is this so?

It's better to approach product owners and structure the deals rather than pull from a directory of dropshipped goods.

You get a unique product, more flexibility over terms, and in some cases exclusivity

It's tedious if you are looking to create a wide offering in a marketplace but this is my perspective for a better chance at success.

Answered 4 years ago

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