I have put up a landing page for early customer acquisition for a grocery ordering app. After about 28,000 people reached and over 1074 clicks through Facebook ads, I am still yet to see a single sign up on my site. I have followed all the landing page and FB ad tricks I know but nothing seems to work. Thanks in advance for the help

Congratulations on getting those clicks to your site. A 3.8% click-through rate (1,074 out of 28,000) is not bad at all!

In terms of improving the conversion on the site itself, there are a couple of areas I would focus on:

(1) First, it’s a question of targeting.

Who are the people you are reaching with your ad (i.e. the targeting that you’ve set up in the Facebook ad manager) and who are the people who are then in fact clicking through to the site (a sub-set of that first group, who are responding to your ad visual and copy)? Clearly it doesn’t matter how many people you bring to the website, if they are the *wrong* people for your product or service then you’re not going to get any conversions.

Who is your ideal customer for the app? Are you clear on the precise demographics, psychographics, geographical location, etc? Can you then get more specific in the settings of the Facebook ad targeting? And what about the image and copy in your ad, are these likely to resonate with that ideal customer?

Note that improving the targeting of the ad and the ad itself will both improve the conversion on your site and the click-through on the ad, giving you a double impact on your results.

(2) Second, you have the landing page itself.

Here you can look at the copy and images again, and evaluate if this is really tapping into a core insight and likely to resonate with the ideal customer who you’ve now attracted to your site. What’s the one key message? Is there an obvious benefit and a clear call to action? Why should anyone sign up on the site, what’s in it for them?

I’d be happy to review the tricks that you’ve already implemented and make further recommendations, just get in touch below for a quick call!

Answered 4 years ago

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