I have put up a landing page for early customer acquisition for a grocery ordering app. After about 28,000 people reached and over 1074 clicks through Facebook ads, I am still yet to see a single sign up on my site. I have followed all the landing page and FB ad tricks I know but nothing seems to work. Thanks in advance for the help

Like others have pointed out in prior answers this looks like a mismatch between what users perceived when they clicked on your FB ad and what they discovered on your landing page. Closing this gap should be priority #1.
Talking to potential customers is probably the best way to resolve that.
Assuming these changes are implemented,
will you then be able to incorporate an "exit-intent" plugin that asks users "what they were looking for and why they are leaving"? This plugin pops up just before users are about to switch or close the tab/window in the browser. You can entice users to provide feedback via giveaways or coupons etc.
This will provide you a continuous feedback loop that help improve your landing page value proposition and understand your customers.

Answered 4 years ago

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