It seems like it is very difficult to build up your network in Clarity. I actually thought I may be doing something wrong. Any advice from anyone?

Hi there, I know this can be a frustrating problem.. I've been on Clarity since 2012 when its creator, Dan Martell, invited me and several others to the launch event and asked us to sign up as experts.

For the first few years, I had hardly any calls. Also, it seemed like only those in the IT startup space were getting any traction. This was frustrating for a small business advisor like me who mostly works in the world of bricks and mortar.

Things started to change for me after a few key things:
1. I started to drive my own 'tribe' to call me on Clarity. This increased my reviews and call stats on the platform and I believe this made my profile more attractive to Clarity 'native' traffic.
2. Clarity has been growing its reach. I'm meeting more and more callers who are not in the 'online startup' space who found me on Clarity.
3. More and more of the 'online startup' people are actually creating real businesses and have real business problems that I can help with... meaning they're actually having sales, organizational problems, partner concerns, etc.. not just chasing Angel Investors with their ideas.
4. I started to regularly check for public questions I could answer and I know this has led to several calls.

I hope this helps, If you'd like me to review your Clarity profile and give some specific direct feedback, just arrange a call.


Answered 5 years ago

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