Is blogging still the main stream for fashion ?

So I am wanting to start a wordpress fashion blog, but after consulting with some of my friends, they said no one reads fashion blog these days anymore, better to focus on creating social media accounts like facebook, instagram etc I thought that to be a blogger of cause you should have a blog that you can link back to and write content with attachment photos and videos. Otherwise wouldn't it just be photos and videos on social media accounts? I personally think that blog should be the core and social media should be the platform that promotes it.


Are some of your friends online marketing experts? Do they study the trends and understand the dynamics of content creation?

I am guessing your friends read a ton of fashion blogs, they just don't know it.

The short version of the advice would be: use your WordPress blog as the hub of your entire online presence. Then use the social platform of the week to build and connect with your audience, and give them reasons to come back to your site. Whether this is SnapChat (stories, filters, etc), Instagram (featuring highlights of a fashion shoot, etc with more details on your .... you guessed it: blog), or Facebook teasers with links back to your site.

Nearly every major content producer understands the importance so maintaining your own platform (your blog, in this case). Social media trends change, the ability to access your audience changes (Facebook is always changing their algorithm, and rarely in favor of brand pages), there will always be a new Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram, etc .... but when you control the main hub, your website, you can stay connected to your audience much more efficiently over time.

Your assumption is correct: use social as the "spokes" that lead visitors back to your hub.


P.S. If you want to discuss more in detail, I would be happy to help. Just book a time that is convenient for you and we can go over exactly what your next steps should be.

Answered 8 years ago

Facebook would like you to believe that everything just happens on FB and you don't need any content outside of the FB eco system. I can absolutely tell you that's not the case. There are hundreds of thousands of people putting stuff up on instagram / FB and that does not make them influencers. If your goal is to become a blogger then you need a blog :) If your goal is just to become some sort of an influencer, then you can become one on any of the SocialMedia platforms and you don't really need a blog, but in my opinion, when you have your own blog you free yourself from any one medium as you actually own the content, the way it's displayed and where it will be featured. To summarize, I would always start with good content and you might as well get a blog. There is no down side.

Answered 8 years ago

Yes. If you look at modern blog networks like Latest Blog Posts at, you can see people blogging constantly. I actually maintain 3 blogs of my own and I find that it brings more traffic to my site than Google search results.

Fashion blogs are very popular, because fashion is always changing. A fashion blog that keeps up to date should do very well and also bring in income from affiliate sales.

Blogging is only as good as the quality and quantity of the blogger. The more quality blogs you put out there, the better chances you have of getting more traffic and making more money.

I hope this helps. I develop blogs for my clients. That is one of my specialties.


Answered 8 years ago

Hello! I do agree with your friends to some extent; however, social media helps drive traffic to your blog. My advice is to start a fashion blog, but mix it up with social media (pinterest, instagram, twitter, facebook) to link them straight back to your blog.

Answered 7 years ago

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