To mentors.

And to money.

Both are increasing.


1. The accelerator craze is generating more opportunities for people to test ideas. There were 12 incubators in the USA in the 80's, now there are 1,250 in North America and over 7,000 worldwide. So, despite concerns around the startup bubble these accelerators might cause, we’re hungry for entrepreneurs and we’re investing in environments for them to build companies at an alarming rate.

2. It’s easier than it’s ever been for anyone to connect with entrepreneurs. On Twitter and LinkedIn. In co-working spaces. At coffee shops. Events. And of course, on Clarity!

So you can get advice from those who have done it before, which will increase your odds of success. Or at least help you fail faster so you can learn faster and build your next venture to faster to try and succeed faster. It's all about scale.

This hyperconnection also builds relationships around the globe, fueling even more access to mentors and resources.

3. More startup capital. Both from VCs, angels as well as newer, more nimble models, like microfinancing (74+ million entrepreneurs are involved in microfinancing with $23+ billion worth of capital) and crowdfunding.

4. On top of that, business costs keep falling due to cloud and crowdsourced technology. And access to mentorship is expediting the ability for anyone to create the next big thing.

We are at the beginning of an entrepreneurial revival. I speak a lot about this in my book, but it's not on shelves yet.

However, if you want to chat about it, give me a shout.

Best of luck!

Answered 7 years ago

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