What's the best way to interest busy consultants and service professionals in a new online method to attract prospective clients?

We have a free online course to educate prospects, but are a bootstrap startup with no awareness, social proof, or web traffic. Can't find Reddit or Facebook groups with the right target members. Our managed service creates and hosts custom solutions using our process and tools, priced from $10k.


"What's the best way to interest busy consultants ... ?"

As a busy consultant myself, I can say that you missed an opportunity right here. I read your question from start to finish, but it told me NOTHING about what you offer.

By the end of the paragraph, all I know is that you're trying to sell some sort of "managed service" with "custom solutions" for $10,000. Really, you couldn't be more vague. And there's nothing here to entice a customer.

Maybe I'm not your target customer. Still, inasmuch as you're asking for advice, your "elevator pitch" ought to explain what it is that you do. What exactly are you trying to sell / offer?

Whether the service is attractive to potential customers or not I can't say. However, it's clear that your pitch needs a LOT of work. An elevator pitch isn't just for potential customers or investors. You need a simple way of introducing / explaining yourself, regardless of the audience.

That's something I can help you with, if you're interested.

Answered 8 years ago

One of the biggest problems that busy consultants have in prospecting is that their target clients are themselves busy. These prospective clients will frequently admit that they are "too busy to think about their needs." The prospective clients have confused solutions with problems, anchor to things they already know about, and just have a superficial understanding of the issues.

I've spent money subscribing to several services that promise to put prospective clients in front of me. It turns out that most of those prospects haven't thought through their needs and, at best, are just "kicking the tires" to see what is out there.

Answered 8 years ago

Be helpful.

Seriously, go find where those consultants and service professionals are hanging out (, LinkedIn, their own blogs, their Twitter/Facebook pages, forums, MosaicHub) and help them. Consultants have questions about whatever you're pitching.

Start be delivering exceptional value. Their natural intrigue will lead them to your product.

I'm happy to help with a more detailed plan if we can discuss who you are trying to target. At first blush, it appears your audience does not exist or you are not hunting hard enough. :)


Answered 8 years ago

You will only appeal to consultants if you will be putting them in front of enough (and the appropriately targeted) prospects. Build your database of prospects organically or through purchase, build some buzz, and grow your database. Those busy professionals don't have time to help you do that - they need to talk into an existing pool.

Answered 8 years ago

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