I'm a psychological personality type enthusiast with passion to help people through knowing their unconscious behaviour and turning it into conscious decisions. I'm an unfinished business and management bachelor who found "his way" in helping people through getting to know themselves and others better in order to be able to take conscious and responsibile decisions for their lifes. To help them uncover their barriers and help them overcome them. Also I'm a passionate young man with strong urge to help the world evolve the "right" way through helping people. I'm a finishing student who wants to fight his way through the sharp business world and bring and spread life values and humanity to it.

Setup a single page Website with info about how to contact you + use some booking service or free WordPress plugin for managing your appointment bookings.

Attend at least one Meetup Group in your local area every day for a year... or week if you like...

Target small business networking Meetups which begin events with short introductions.

Provide a benefit centric intro, rather than 12 Step Intro.

Introduction guidelines.

1) Make your intro other-centric, rather than self-centric, so avoid "My name is John, I coach people."

2) Be specific.

For example...

If you're having trouble writing copy which generates massive sales, setup an appointment with me + we'll refine your languaging/message.

Then sit down. Don't say your name. Don't have biz cards. Avoid carrying any type of contact info.

People who are truly interested in what ever you choose as your intro (which should be crafted to the Meetup you're attending) will come find you.

Have them write down your contact info on a scrape of paper.

Never, ever, ever, write anything down for anyone.

Never give them a pen or paper.

Their first micro actions with you will be to seek you out + scribble down your contact info.

People who take micro actions, tend to make macro actions (pay you).

Answered 3 years ago

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