Conflict is healthy if concluded efficiently and respectfully.

Ongoing unresolved conflict can cause employee attrition and at worst, kill your company.

Healthy conflicts could be boiled down to different opinions as to which approach is better. In this case, everything should be tested and measured, so in many cases, both conflicting opinions should be tested. Most conflicts can be ended by simply agreeing to test both opinions and let the evidence speak to which is better.

Unhealthy conflicts are between personality types that just don't get along or where there really is a fundamental split on what it is that your company should be doing.

If there isn't alignment there, it's critical that you stop everything and get aligned because nothing good will happen until then.

I've helped startup CEOs work through conflict and create alignment. Happy to do a call to understand where you're at, what the conflict is and help you find a path to resolve it.

Answered 7 years ago

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