Value propositions are suppose to be simple and clear. "Simplify your finances" is that a good value proposition?

No... it is not a good value proposition. Because it isn't a value proposition. It could be a slogan from an accountant, from some software, from a hand-held calculator, from a book-keeper... tonnes of things. And, As such, by default, it is NOT a value proposition at all.

These 2 videos are ALL you ever need to know about value propositions. Ignore everything else anyone else ever tells you about them - especially if they say it can be a short sloganesque type thing. This myth is propogated all over the damn internet and startup world. It irritates me hugely.

Michael Skok is a legend. Listen to him. Best 1.5hours you will ever spend on your business.

A value proposition is NOT a short nifty slogan. It is virtually NEVER articulated directly on someone's marketing material.... and it has to have an UNLIKE.

Answered 5 years ago

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