A small-medium sized cottaging and retreat center is on the market, a place I've had ties to in the past, it currently runs programming for adults with special needs but has investment potential beyond that. I'm looking to purchase said property, however, as the fore mentioned question may suggest any advice is a help.

2 thoughts (as I've invested in and been part if a few real estate development projects).

1 - ask around and try and find friends who know people in the industry and ask for an intro. Don't go in asking for money, ask for advice - it works way better.

2 - search on Clarity for people who live in your city that have real estate experience, call and ask them for advice.

The key is to talk to folks who have done it, ask a lot of really good questions - and if you listen carefully and do what they say, they might actually ask to be involved but it does take a couple meetings - so don't blow it by going in for the ask the first time.

Answered 9 years ago

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