I have a few apps on the AppStore, Quotegram, Islamgram,, and I would love to build more as there is no end to great ideas for Apps. Given the broad International reach of the AppStore without any overheads of cross-currency issues and such it feels best to be on the AppStore. At the same time, there is not much money that I can make with these smaller apps unless some of those make it huge. I don't want to slap ads on these apps as that would ruin the user experience. On the other hand I've been toying around with a SaaS business idea that would possibly bring in monthly revenues but the market segment is not great at doing online activities but certainly there is a need. I'm confused on which of this segment to choose to spend my time and energy on. Any suggestions?

That will depend on the business model, target market and expected cash flows. Also if the deliverable will be a one time purchase or a recurrent purchase.

If you are targeting mass scale clients, I recommend to go for SaaS . That will help increase your sales very fast, where people can try , pay a monthly fee or per license fee..etc.

If your market is small and you are delivering a high end expensive project, very specialised, I then recommend to go for app .

and you may not even go for a store app. You may then be delivering an on platform app , with even a hardware token or something for licensing , either per user , or a corporate license.

If you want a detailed study I can help you , based on your business plan ( I can help you prepare one ) and assess then and help make models for which one can be better.

Good Luck !

Answered 5 years ago

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