I have a couple thousand supporters that would be please to back my work and give me positive reviews, but I wonder if I could put a free version of my book and then put it on a paid version when I hit for example more than 200 reviews What are you guys thoughts?

If you sign up with KDP select, you'll be given 5 days where you can drop the price to free. You'll be restricted to only publish on their platform, however.

Hit up your email list, use sites like BookBub, or in order to prepare for the discount launch. Start the deal on a Sunday since more people will be at home and prepared to read rather than Friday and Saturday nights when they're out.

Include, at the end of your book, a request for people to leave honest feedback. They're more apt to do it if you remind them. You can also include links to your other titles.

I've published a handful of titles under different pen names but I'm not an expert. I just figured I'd share what my research picked up.

Answered 4 years ago

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