What can a brand do to differentiate itself in a crowded marketplace such as the sports accessory space. Would it be the brand story and brand attributes that are the winning ingredients to win in this hyper competitive market or would it have to be innovation.

The sports space is certainly crowded, but the size of the market creates plenty of opportunity. This is not a zero sum game.

The key to differentiation in a crowded space, is focusing on what it is that makes your product/brand unique? Do you have a story that is compelling? Has your product increased strength by X%, or saved lives, or fill a specific need within an interesting space.

Some great new products to review, that have entered into the space recently would be:

What you'll see, is that they have crafted their brand message to get to the core of the user experience. Find your story - one that resonates with your target users. Then tell it loudly!

Answered 9 years ago

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