Specifically, this company sells WordPress plugins on a monthly subscription with continued updates, new plugins, and feature additions / ground-level feedback. As the only member and developer, my time over the past 2 years of it's existence has been re-building it's infrastructure & products over and over. We have 15-20 active customers who've continued using & enjoy the products, but growth has ceased and work piling up. I'm not great at sales, nor finding leads to begin with. My strengths are all tech-related; of the 2 marketing partners in the past, both bailed to do their own things. Can someone with experience in creating a software startup from $100-500/mo to hiring several employees with unlimited technical potential as the sole human asset share a blueprint, or the faintest hint at where to go from here? My passion to see it succeed has keep it alive (if $300~/mo counts) thus far, but it's killing me seeing it stagnate - especially when the product-providing muscle is free'ish. If you've got experience with this & solid advice to share, we can do a call(s) to get more detailed about it. Thanks!

My focus is business strategy and development, I am also a geek-at-heart! There are a few things to dig into to get rolling.
With your strength in tech - tap into virtual resources or even crowdsourcing to get the work done from a marketing and sales lead perspective leaving you to focus on what you do best.
I am happy to have a call with you to discuss steps! This is a critical time for your company and your passion is evident.

Answered 7 years ago

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