Should you get a regular 9-5 job working no more than 8 hours a day while you're trying to build a business, or get a better job as a product manager or management consultant? The former almost always has no career progression, while the latter is a good backup option in case business fails, as there is still a career progression path and the job in consulting pays a lot better. The customer service job would be purely for money to survive at a good company, while the consulting/design job would be at a good company and would involve more working hours. What's the right way to go?

If you're willing to simply get by while you work on your dream, look for an opportunity to get paid to work on that dream.

Look around. There are jobs that are incredibly boring and even afford the chance to read while you're on the job. That would be a great time for research, catching up on emails, etc

Night watchmen, late night store clerk, overnight hotel front desk person. You see these roles all the time and hardly notice.

Good luck

David C Barnett

Answered 3 years ago

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