Trying to open a sports agency- currently manage over 15 million followers of sports media. I have one of the largest social followings in the world & a staff that can explode peoples' followings & brands (and we do on a daily basis). I want to leverage my network by becoming an agent to players... I think I can provide endorsement and branding opportunities few others can. I know advertising, I know sports... But I clearly don't know what it would take to be a well-rounded sports agent. How should I start? Should I look into partnering with current agents? Should I hire a lawyer who specializes in this who can help with documentation?

As an Agent myself I would never tell a lie about having all the answers. I would also say be willing and able to connect with, work with, and share ideas and support with others in the business. This has to be passion for you not just a money grab. Because you will get caught up in the money and screw others over who have trusted you. This business is very relational. You won't accomplish much without relationships. So I would also say to find the sports you are personally passionate about and get involved in those. Finally I would tell you that this is not an inexpensive business to get involved in, so ensure you prepare your finances properly. Once you've done that most sports that are internationally recognized are not that hard to register in as an agent. It is the US specific leagues and sports where you will need at a least bachelor degree to register in.

Answered 2 years ago

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