I'm non-US-resident. I live in Argentina 100% of the time. However, I am part of 2 US companies: 1) I'm Co-Founder (50%) of a member managed LLC registered in the USA. We provide virtual reality services to clients in the USA. We started operations in june last year and we filed 1065 and 1040 taxes this year through an american CPA. I also obtained an ITIN number. 2) I'm part of a Startup also registered in the USA (it's an SPC), who's team is fully based in Argentina. I'm about to be granted stock for my work on this startup: a) 607 shares of common stock. b) 1508 shares of restricted stock (they vest partially every 6 months for the next 5 years). My question is in regards to company #2. Once I sign the grant agreements, shall I pay taxes for the received stock shares?

Likely your best avenue is to call H&R Block Executive Tax services.

There might be one in your country.

If not, just pick one from any US City. I'm in Austin, Texas + have been using them for years.

They're way cheaper than a CPA + tend to stay current on new tax code, far better than a CPA, as they run internal, company wide trainings, all year round.

You're smart to deal with this up front.

Avoiding US I.R.S. trouble == a very good idea.

Answered 3 years ago

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