Considering millions of experts do this daily.

The answer is yes.

You're real question is likely more about "how" than "if", so a few suggestions.

Look for some expert in your same niche.

For example, WordPress site design or Website Server tech or coaching or any other subject each have places where you can find people doing what you asked.

You can simply watch what they do, or to accelerate your cashflow increase, hire people for an hour to explain what they do.

And, if they're to expensive, start a PodCast + interview them for you show.

I once finagled filming an hour long interview with the reclusive Roy Williams, by having one of his good friends interview him... with questions I provided... while I ran a camcorder + backup audio recorder.

Sometimes, to interview extreme experts, you'll have to take extreme (out of the box) measures to create your interviews.

Answered 3 years ago

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