I am thinking of creating a site that allows users to 'speed network' with other like-minded professionals via quick video calls. I would find it helpful to know if this is a problem that people are looking to solve- being able to make valuable connections quickly online- and if the idea for this site sounds like something that you would be interested in using.

There is incredible opportunity connecting with other professionals online. The hitch, however, is the same as networking groups (i.e. Chamber of Commerce, local networking/referral groups, etc) face:

- Too many people are in it for themselves -

I think you'll find that folks on your speed networking platform will "spray-and-pray" their own message, with little concern for the problem the other person is really trying to solve.

A better solution may be more of an interview style between consumer and provider. Imagine a home buyer setting up a speed networking introduction with 6-8 real estate agents.

Answered 3 years ago

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