I'm a single man non-technical founder. Its a lean startup, and we're doing some killer customer development.

My experience is based on my industry (retail/restaurant), but many of the principles are the same.
1. It may sound overly obvious, but it cannot be overstated - hiring is critical. You need to determine the role the person(s) will fulfill and then be very systematic in hiring. An accurate application process, interview, second and third interview and follow up must be done.
2. To attract the person(s) you want is more than who they are, it is also who you are. If you don't have a strong and positive image (it may be small at this point, but you still deal with people), create systems, benchmarks and followup on insuring that hires meet their goals, all your work is in vain.
3. Be a company that connects with your community and is a positive influence in your sphere.
4. You should make your need known. Not needy, but if you don't tell people, you'll never know who might have connected with you.
5. Finally, other factors.
a. Pay – not necessarily the most important item, but if the amount of pay and the employee’s needs don’t come close, the relationship will be short-lived.
b. Benefits – many small businesses cannot afford major benefits (health insurance, paid vacation, etc.) but even small benefits are valued.
c. Lifestyle – scheduling, job function and atmosphere should mesh with an employee’s personality.
d. Advancement – responsibilities will enable people to grow in their job.
e. Passion – find and connect with people passionate about your product.
I hope that helps!

Answered 9 years ago

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