I'm a single man non-technical founder. Its a lean startup, and we're doing some killer customer development.

+1 to Dan Martell's answer. Ideally, get yourself a tech cofounder ASAP. Finding the right one is incredibly difficult and frustrating, but critical to your success. You may also need to pre-sell or pay some odeskers to build the MVP in order to convince a tech cofounder to join.

After that, the next person should either be a second engineer (if you're b2b and/or have a complex product) or a designer (if you're b2c). You get more chances to convert a b2b customer if the functionality is there, not so b2c.

As CEO, you should be the one selling it. Don't even think about hiring salespeople or marketers until you have product market fit.

Answered 9 years ago

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