I am a professional Running Coach looking to scale my business online, where should I spend the most energy? I'm also looking to create a high ticket coaching certification program that I plan to launch early 2018.

If I were you, I would launch a Facebook Group.

It's the easiest way right now to create a community around your business of people interested in your offering and which contribute to each other.

Why a Facebook Group?

Think about where is the primary place where people spend their time without getting paid.

Yep, you guessed it right. It's Facebook.

B2B Marketers/Founders/CEOs… Your audience is on Facebook. Trust me, or better, trust people that are seriously smashing it on this niche thanks to Facebook Groups. I’ve started my Facebook Group recently after Vin Clancy and Charlie Price from the famous “Traffic and Copy” group suggested me various time to do it.

In the word of Vin Clancy: “It’s the perfect place to build your 1000 true fans.” Other reasons why to start one are:

- You have a community! To test our your ideas, and to gain a sustainable momentum (people from your group will invite more in the future, and so on.)
- There are way too many blogs out there, and people are sick and tired of optin popups, they tend to give their emails much less (only when the content it’s remarkable, but with so many competition it’s hard to stand out.)
- It’s the only public area of Facebook. For the rest, FB is pushing down all the organic reach to push you to buy FB Ads (in groups it’s still not possible.)

A Quick Note on Personal Branding

Ultimately creating remarkable contents on your Facebook Group (Linkedin and other platforms and blogs as well of course) with consistency will contribute to building your brand and differentiate from the competitors. You’ll create a little space progressively in the brain of your customers with a kind of “positive karma” which they will want to reciprocate in the future (we’re human beings, read Robert Cialdini’s book for more about that.)

If you need support in creating and growing your Facebook Group from 0 to thousands of members, and monetize it, call me here on Clarity!

Answered 5 years ago

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