I live in DC, and I can have access to key people. I am clear what is my goal for this next decade. I want to build and maintain a professional network in DC and in my original country. I don't want to just knock doors. I want to strategically know the people to reach, what is the WIFIIT for each network group, and how to maintain the network.

I will start by reviewing which group are already operating successful in DC. Even attend a meeting or two. This will give you a better knowledge/understanding of what's on offer. The key benefits they provide for their members. If there is anything missing or something that you can add. For people to join a new group and show up regularly there most be clear benefits for them to see and understand from the out set. Networking is all about Building Relationship and it takes a long time and effort to be fruitful at it. I hope this is helpful.

Answered 3 years ago

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